Special Needs Services

Activities for Youth & Teens with Special Needs

Social and Recreational Groups

Super Sunday                                   (6-12 Years)

The focus in Super Sunday is on each individual child. To help children navigate the social world successfully, the program is designed to increase opportunities for peer socialization and opportunities to practice the socialization skills learned in the program. Each child gains confidence by making independent choices geared to his/her special needs.
Leader: Kim Kaczmarek, Special Education Teacher

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Saturday Night Out                                    (Ages 10-13)
Let's face it; children don't always want their parents accompanying them to activities. This supervised program offers kids a venue to socialize on the weekends with their friends. Parents drop off their child at a designated place which might be bowling, movies, sport events, local plays or a restaurant. Children begin to build independence as they learn how to manage money, behave in a safe and appropriate manner in the community, and interact with one another during a fun social activities.
Facilitator: Tricia Gressel

Keeping it REAL in the Neighborhood  (High school students)
Keeping It Real in the Neighborhood (KIRTN), is a collaborative project between JCC on the Hudson and the Union Free School District of the Tarrytowns. Through after-school and weekend offerings, KIRTN makes a real commitment to preparing our folks with special needs for the adult world. Multiple program choices will enable peer group development, emotional growth, learning and practicing life skills, and provide opportunities to engage in and with the wider community. KIRTN will offer a place of belonging and community through and beyond high school. The apartment, currently under development, will be used for Tarrytown UFSD students, both typical and those with challenges, during school hours. After-school hours will be available to Tarrytown residents and the wider Westchester Community, bringing together people who otherwise would not have a place to gather, socialize, recreate and learn. Contact Mindy Cohen for information.

 Relax & Relate (R&R)                                   (High school students)
A new social club for high-school teens with autism spectrum disorders and/or developmental disabilitis. Participate in fun activities, snack and chat, interact, practice, and learn about social behaviors in a supported enviornment. Contact Mindy Cohen at 366.7898 or Patricia Grossman at 949.7699x355. This program is presented in collaboration with WJCS.

Sib Shop                                    (Typical siblings ages 5 and older)
A family member with a disability impacts the whole family. A fun, relaxed atmosphere creates opportunities for siblings to share their experiences andunique concerns. This program encourages participants to focus on themselves and each other. Contact Mindy Cohen at 366.7898

After School and Vacation Programs

New Opportunities in Almost Home       (Grades K-6)
Special education professionals and Special Needs Training Institute participants (see Teens) assist children with developmental and physical disabilities within the Almost Home after school program (see Grade School.) All activities are available to all students enrolled. To schedule a required intake interview, contact Mindy Cohen, ext. 108.
New Opportunities is made possible through a grant from the Hudson Valley Developmental Disabilities Services Office.

SKIP: Special Kids Interesting Places   (Grades K-6)
SKIP is a full day school vacation program specially staffed and modified to provide children with developmental disabilities and delays the opportunity to participate in Vacation Sensations and Vacation SPORTSations. Intakes are required. Register for as many or as few days as you like. Each day begins and ends at the JCC. See Grade School.
SKIP is funded in part by the Dr. William and Mrs. Esther Frishman Family Fund, an endowment for programs benefiting children with special needs. Donations to the Frishman Family Fund are welcome.

Summer Day Camp

Camp BaShemesh                                     (Ages 6-14)
Camp BaShemesh provides a unique inclusive summer experience for children with mild to moderate developmental and learning disabilities.
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Program support is provided by a grant from the Westchester Program Services Cabinet of UJA-Federation of New York.