Day Camps 2015

Vacation Sensations (Grades K-6)
Spend school holidays with us! Arcades, museums, bowling, skating, magic, ice cream and much more. Pre-registration required.
Colleen Malone, Director   February 2014 Registration Form

SKIP Special Kids Interesting Places (Grades K-6 with special needs)
School's out and the fun's just starting. Highly trained staff assist students with special needs, making sure they enjoy the Vacation Sensations activities and fun with their typical peers. Intake and pre-registration required.
Mindy Cohen, LCSW, Director   February 2014 Registration Form


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JCC Country Day (Grades K-8)   
Colleen Malone, Director
Early Bird Registration Form (due 11/30/14)       
Registration form
 (for registration received after 12/1/14)

An endless list of activities--daily swimming, tennis, gymnastics, boating, arts and crafts, archery, basketball, dance, drama, music, carnival day, and a special end-of-camp trip--all based on Jewish values and culture. Senior campers receive a special bonus when they accompany the Super Seniors on a three-day, two-night overnight.

CDC Super Seniors Ages (Grades 6-8) 
Offers older campers the opportunity to spread their wings! In addition to all the great activities at our campgrounds, they enjoy weekly outings that can include a three-day, two-night adventure to Lake George, a day trip to Mountain Creek, and a Yankee or Mets game. Traveling in an air-conditioned bus, Super Seniors realize they're growing up, getting ready to move forward.

CDC Integrated (formerly Camp BaShemesh) Ages (6-14 yrs, special needs)  
Mindy Cohen, LMSW, Director Special Needs Services
Early Bird Registration Form (due 11/30/14) 
Registration Form (for registration received after 12/1/14
At CDC Integrated, children with mild-to-moderate developmental and learning disabilities engage in an exciting summer experience with therapeutic recreation and activities that build self-esteem and independence while maximizing opportunities for inclusion with typical JCC Country Day campers. Camp BaShemesh fosters the camper's individual strengths and challenges them to stretch and grow alongside their typical peers.

Leaders-in-Training  Program (LIT)       Registration Form
(14*-15 Years) *must be 14 by July 1, 2015
Participants will learn leadership skills, child development, CPR and first aid,and engage in "green" program planning. Graduates will be eligible to work as CITs in the Little and Bigger Friends Day Camps, and the JCC Country Day Camp where they will assist counselors and work together with the Nature specialist and Jewish educator to form a Green Team, promoting environmental education and sustainable practices at camp.  Graduates who chose to work in a camp not affiliated with the JCC will receive a letter of recommendation.

Specialty Camps  Registration form required for Camp to To Go and Gymnastics Camps 

Camp To Go (Grades K-6)
August 18-22, 2014 

A one-week program providing an amazing opportunity to learn, play, and explore. Each day, adventurers travel through Westchester, New York City and the surrounding areas. Indoor and outdoor activities provide campers with a terrific end-of-summer experience.
Melanie Friedman, Director

Gymnastics Camp (Girls 5 yrs and older)
August 18-22, 2014
Swing from uneven bars, walk the balance beam, bounce on a trampoline and tumble your way across the gym while developing and refining your skills. Then, cap off the week with an end-of-camp party! Some previous gymnastics experience required.
Colleen Malone, Director

JCC Country Day Xtra
August 18-22, 2014     Printable document    Registration Form
Basketball intensive with Filipe Lopez * Soccer intensive with Super Soccer Stars * Art and Nature Intensive

College Application Essay Writing Intensive 
August 18-22, 2014
Writing the college admission essay can be the most stressful part of the application process. Relieve the stress and get your essay done before the school year starts in this five-day workshop with Naomi Vladeck. Students will leave the course with three strong essays to use intheir college applicationsand the tools they will need to write additionalversions. Space is limited. Pre-regisration required. Register online here.

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