Staff Directory


Frank Hassid, MSW Executive Director
Lisa Feinman, LMSW Assistant Executive Director
Danielle McAuley Marketing Communications Director
Christine Thompson        Controller
Stacy Gentile Adminsitrative Assistant
Laura Jackson Reception & Membership






Early Childhood Program:

Barbara Davis Director
Anne Tinsley Administrative Assistant
Lois Alterman Asst to the director & Music Specialist
Melanie Friedman            Co-Teacher (2s)
Amy Spielberger Co-Teacher (2s)
Fran Dominici Teacher
Ann Zarider Head Teacher (3s)
Elane Sommer Teacher
Marcy Fraade Head Teacher (4s)
Ellen Deutchman Teacher
Maura Seebeck Head Teacher (4s)
Christine Sinopoli Teacher
Ellen Weisberg Project SEED Social Worker


Second Site (25 Leroy Ave, Tarrytown):


Katherine Meladossi                    Site Supervisor, 
Head Teacher (4s)
Michele Glick Teacher
Margaret Machi Teacher
Anita McGovern Teacher
Karen Mesberg Head Teacher (3s)
Vikki Oshins Head Teacher (2s)


Alice Meizel                     Coordinator
Sonia Kizner  
Christina Stangarone  

Almost Home After School Program:

May Burnett                     Director
Stacy Gentile Administrative Assistant

School of Music and Performing Arts:

Marianna Udler, MA         Director
Link to Faculty  

Gymnastics Program:

Colleen Malone    Coordinator
Kelly Ray  

Youth and Teen Programs:

Colleen Malone               Enrichment coordinator

Adult Programs:

Lois Green                       Program Director
Linda Paver Renalt Active Retirement Lecture Series Coordinator
Felicia Ash Renalt Active Retirement Lecture Series Assistant
Elliot Topp Men's Club Chairman
Bob Koch Engage Coordinator
George Kraus Poetry Events Program Coordinator

Special Needs Services:

Mindy Cohen, LCSW       Director
Stefani Cohen, LCSW Partners in Caring Social Worker
Tricia Gressel Transition and Adult Program Coordinator
Kim Kaczmarek Youth and Teen Program Coordinator


George Kraus                  Fitness Center Supervisor
Anthony Torres Fitness Center Supervisor
Sharon Callahan, AFAA Personal Trainer
Lisa Feinman Exercise Class Coordinator

Summer Camps:

Lisa Feinman, LMSW      Director: Training Camp, Little and Bigger Friends Day Camps
Melanie Friedman Assistant Director
Shelly Gitelman Director: JCC COuntry Day Camp and Super Seniors
Debra Gitelman Assistant Director
Stacy Gentile

Administrative Assistant