Early Childhood Department


“Imagine that all children are
seeds that come in a package
without a label.
That means we cannot know
in what season they will bloom,
and we may not always know the
conditions they need to thrive."
Blessing of a Skinned Knee
by Wendy Mogel



Our Early Childhood Program, located at two sites ( 371 South Broadway and 25 LeRoy Avenue, Tarrytown) offers a safe, nurturing environment that provides children with the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally and cognitively. We maintain a developmental philosophy emphasizing an emergent curriculum and child-centered classes that concentrate on hands-on experience, experimentation, and creative expression. Jewish values, culture and holidays are an integral part of our program.

Our teaching staff holds a wealth of expertise in early childhood education and is carefully selected for their experience, warmth and sensitivity. Teachers are members of the Jewish Early Childhood Association of the Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York, and follow the guidelines of NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). The Early Childhood Program is licensed by the New York State Office for Children and Family Services.

Director, S. Broadway: Ann Zarider, BA, MEd, 914.366.7898
Site Director, Leroy Ave: Kathy Meladossi, BS, 914.631.1607
Administrative Assistants: Lois Alterman, MS and Ronnie Brockman

Contact Ann Zarider  or Kathy Meladossi to schedule a tour/meeting to determine whether or not the JCC's Early Childhood Programs are right for you and your child.